Botschaft aus Ägypten an Obama

US-Präsident Obama hat sich deiser Tage für den gestürzten ägyptoschen Präsidenten Muris eingesetzt, die Ägypter, die sich gegen den Islamisten Mursi gewehrt haben, wehren sich jetzt gegen Obama.

Egyptian Activist To Obama: Leave Us Alone, The Terrorists You Support Are The Ones Asking Allah To Destroy The United States

English Begins at 0:40 - "Dear Mr. Obama, I’m talking to you today on behalf of a lot of Egyptians who wants to deliver a message, not only for you, [but] for all the American citizens: leave us alone. All the families in Egypt want to tell you this message: leave Egypt alone, please Mr. Obama. And stop supporting the terrorists. Stop supporting the friends of Omar Abdel Rahman, the terrorist who killed lots of Americans. Stop supporting the allies of Ayman al-Zawahiri, of Pakistan, of [the] Taliban… Mohammed Morsi was actually calling his people for violence, for blood in the streets, and these fanatics and these Islamic supporters of him are blindly following him. These Islamic people are the ones who celebrated the killing of the American Ambassador in Libya. They went in the streets and they were celebrating it. These people, who Mr. Obama is supporting, are the people who are in their prayers asking [Allah] to destroy [the] United States. Yes, these are the people that Mr. Obama is supporting. Mr. Obama, face the facts …”