Wikileaks? Kein Gott im Vatikan?

Von der Site  stammt diese Meldung (laut Seiteninformation vom 11.7.2015 nach 10h, die Site wird als französisch ausgewiesen, als Organisation ist allerdings eine Einrichtung in Panama angegeben, ein richtiges Impressum ist nicht vorhanden)

An archivist of the Vatican talks “there is no God, even the Pope does not believe”
It is a real earthquake in the Vatican.

Last week, an archivist leaked Vatican secret documents through WikiLeaks.
And the information that can be read, if proven true, are quite surprising. Some archives are centuries old and the most recent is a 2003 memo from the hand of John Paul 2.
For example, we learn that:
- There are many documents forwarded exclusively Pope to Pope since the mid 12th century . These documents, published partially via photos taken from a phone, show some doubt in faith. Nevertheless, these indicate the importance for the Curia to keep unity and power to serve the world in a positive way.
- Another document, written by the hand of John Paul 2 and transmitted to the cardinals after his death, tells the antitheism increasing in his mind. He said that the weakening of the disease coupled with many depressive episodes broked the background of his faith.
- A handwritten note from the hand of Pius XII openly expressed his hatred of the Jewish people and his desire to remain totally indifferent to their fate with Nazi barbarism. Information that reverses the “passive” vision we had of Pius XII who would have wanted to actively do nothing, which, if the consequences are the same, are not from the same cause.

These documents are currently being analyzed by many journalists specializing in religion. If the authenticity of these documents is confirmed, it would be a huge blow to the Catholic Church, already heavily marred by numerous scandals in recent months.

Ob das ein Fake ist oder nicht, lässt sich zurzeit nicht überprüfen.
wikileaks ist nämlich (noch) nichts Einschlägiges zu finden.