Gesegneter Terrorismus und Jihad

Saudi Cleric Mamdouh Al-Harbi: "Blessed" Terrorism and Jihad Required by the Shari'a, but Blowing Up a Car among Peaceful People Forbidden

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Saudi Cleric Sheikh Mamdouh Al-Harbi said that "the concept of terrorism is a blessed one" and that it is "required by the Shari'a." He further said that the only meaning of Jihad is fighting the infidels, stressing that the term "Jihad," which "lies in the magnificent Quran" "does not apply to anything other than fighting." In the video Al-Harbi warned that killing children, women, or monks under the pretext of a so-called "martyrdom operation" was a wrongdoing.

Also: alles ist nicht erlaubt, aber die Ungläubigen terroristisch zu bekämpfen ist gesegnet!